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Intensiv SA

Intensiv SA

Intensiv is a Swiss dental industry since more than 70 years, which develops, manufactures and commercializes constant superior quality diamond instruments.
We guarantee 100% controlled products with no tolerance and produced in Switzerland.
The Intensiv product portfolio consists of rotating, oscillating and manual diamond instruments as well as specialties, covering a broad spectrum of indications from cavity, crown and bridge preparation to contouring and finishing as well as high gloss polishing .

The undisputed constant superior quality of the Intensiv diamond instruments at international level is continually recognized. Long-term success of the company is granted by high investments in innovation with Science and Clinical approval. Intensiv is present and distributed in over 60 countries worldwide through carefully selected business partners.

The unique and unequaled ambitious industry processes with its “zero – tolerance“ and a 100%-end control of Intensiv products guarantee its
constant superior quality.

Günter Smailus
CEO Intensiv SA