Intensiv ProxoStrip Anterior

Clinically tested by University of Geneva, Swizterland
Ref. PXA4015/6
Package of 6 Strips
Ref. PXA4015/12
Package of 12 Strips

  Clinical Case – Dr. A. Devigus, Bülach, Switzerland

A short metal strip, diamond-coated on one side, with two working areas of different-sized grits: 40μm (red) and 15μm (yellow)

To achieve optimum instrument control in specific areas of the oral cavity, it is necessary to use a system which allows for gripping in proximity of the operational field.
Intensiv ProxoStrip Anterior is a unique double diamond-coated metal strip with two working areas, a grit of 40μm (red) and 15μm (yellow) respectively and perforated strip ends for a secure and ergonomic grip. The total length of the strips (55mm) enables simplified finger support (hypomochlion) during treatment. The 2.5mm width of the strip — as well as the free zone between the working areas — preserves the existing contact point.