Scientifically proven and clinically tested at the University of Zurich, Switzerland
Ref. 2300/6: trial pack with 3 polishers each, flame and cup
Ref. 2310/6: pack of 6 polishers, flame
Ref. 2320/6: pack of 6 polishers, cup

  Clinical Case – Dr. S. Giani, Varese, Italy

Form stable Diamond Polymer Polisher for high gloss polishing of aesthetic restorations

“The flame remains a flame even with multiple usage!”.

Slim flame and stable cup of polymeric material highly loaded with ultra-fine diamond. The new shape core of the polisher consists of extra hard plastic and follows exactly the flame and cup shapes.

Highly smooth and shiny surfaces of aesthetic restorations continue to be the essential requirement of all long lasting oral restorations as well as the general improvement of aesthetical aspects in appearance.
For pronounced concave and convex surface restorations the most adapted polishing instrument should be chosen.
The maintenance of created macro geography and closed margins of restorations during the polishing are basics for aesthetic and longevity of intact restorations.